Football Fans Rejoice: The Much-Awaited Legends Museum Has Thrown Its Doors Open For Visitors


Riyadh is becoming a hub for football in the region—there are no two ways about it. To further cement its position at the top, Riyadh now has a Legends Museum that’s dedicated to the sport.

Located in Blouvard City, the museum is a treasure trove for football lovers, boasting a staggering collection of over 30,000 rare football-related items. It’s the second-largest collection in the world, right after the one in Madrid!

And they have an area here that’s dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo. Here you’ll get to marvel at many of Ronaldo’s personal items, awards, and titles that are on display.

Tickets are priced at SR 50, and considering the huge array of artefacts, they are worth every last halala.

Now, there’s a bunch of other experiences that have also been added to Boulevard City for the latest edition of the Riyadh Season. These include attractions like Barbie World, the Blippi Experience, Zero Latency, and Zilla House, to name a few.

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