Former Bollywood Actress Sana Khan Posts Video Of Her Weaving The Cloth Of The Kaaba


Sana Khan, a former Indian actress and model, who quit the industry around a year ago, is currently in Saudi Arabia. Her IG feed is filled with posts of her travels here, but a recent reel posted by her is of an experience that most locals let alone tourists never get to experience.
In the video, you can see Khan knitting the cloth that drapes the Kaaba called the kiswa.

The kiswa is adorned with fine calligraphy and Khan seems to be doing a fine job at it.

In the past, the kiswa used to be brought in from other parts of the world. But for the past 95 years now, it’s been prepared at a factory in the suburbs of Makkah. It is at this very factory where Khan got an opportunity to work on the kiswa.

Watch the video for yourselves here:


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