Grab Your Coffee In Your PJ’s At These 5 Amazing Drive-Thru Spots In Riyadh

Hera Shabbir

Everybody needs a quick coffee fix, which you can grab in your most relaxing outfit, thanks to these five drive-thru cafes


Nothing beats waking up on the weekend in your PJ’s and heading on over to your nearest drive-thru coffee spot. Ignore all the pressure to look good and wear your comfiest outfit as you head on over to these popular spots. From a late-night study session to a difficult morning filled with meetings, these coffee spots will make your life easier as you grab your caffeine dose on the go! Scroll down below to see which one is nearest to you, and hit the pedal!


1. Half Million

This spot is a national favorite that has the most delicious items on their menu. Grab a nice chocolate bite with a refreshing iced coffee, or even the peachy iced tea if you’re feeling fruity. Not to mention, this popular spot also has the yummiest ice cream selection with flavors like cheesecake, coffee crunch, mango, and more!

King Fahd Branch Rd, Al Aarid

2. Key Cafe


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If you’re in the mood for some good food before you grab some coffee, then this place should be your number one choice. Key cafe offers the most delicious hot dogs and potato sticks that will satisfy all your hunger. They also have the coolest Acai bowls available for those looking for a healthier option. Aside from the food, Key Cafe also feature mojitos and other refreshing items on their drinks menu. And if all this still isn’t your thing, then grab their famous French Vanilla coffee to hit the spot! Also, their cups are SUPER cute and totally Instagram worthy.

Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Thunayyan St, An Nakheel


3. Infuse

This Spain-inspired cafe just opened this month, and has a LOT to offer. Considering it’s Spanish, you have to head on over and grab the Spanish Latte to start off your day right. While you’re driving by, make sure to take some pictures as the ambiance is also quite amazing. Maybe when you’re not in your PJ’s, grab some friends and head on over to the outdoor seating.

Salim Ibn Moqil, An Nakheel

4. Self Made

This place is known to have the yummiest honey cake that you can devour with your coffee. It’s also open 24-hours which means it’s the perfect spot to grab a quick study session grub. They have sandwitches, desserts, and perfectly brewed coffee to grab on the go. See if you can get your hands on their sleek water bottles while grabbing your drinks!

King Abdul Aziz Rd, Ar Rabi

5. Jolt


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This place is a popular favorite amongst Riyadh, which came all the way from Kuwait. This place is also open 24-hours and will definitely be your go-to for a long weekend drive. Their coffee is known to have a very distinct and lingering taste, that might have you drivinng by more than once. They also have the cutest dessert boxes, perfect to snack on as you hit the road.

Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Al Malqa


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