Happy Thursday: Planning Your Weekend So You Don’t Have To

Hera Shabbir


Weekend planning can be a hassle when you and your friends can’t decide where to go so check out these 5 things to do this weekend in the city

1. Watch a play at Boulevard Riyadh

Bakr Al-Sheddy theatre is hosting a show called Grandchildren of Sakina & Raya the story of three sisters Lucy and Pusy, who run a boutique hotel and begin killing their male victims following in the footsteps of the legendary Raya and Sakina. Grab some family and friends for a night of comedy and drama. The show will run until 12th of Feb, from 9pm until 11:45pm.

2. Walk through the Museum of Illusion

Grab your phone and some water for this trippy experience of illusions. You can also sharpen your brain and  play with the brain teasers, puzzles, impossible knots, tricks and mathematical games. Have fun and simultaneously make yourself smarter!

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3. Get positive vibes at the Museum of Happiness

This unique museum features amazing installations that tackle all your imaginative and delightful dreams. Grab some friends and a camera for Instagrammable captures! It’s a perfect way to start the weekend on a positive note.

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4. Disconnect from the city at a yoga retreat

There’s a trip happening to the Edge of the World, in which you can enjoy yoga, Meditation, and a BBQ. The trip will start at 3 pm and run until  10:30 pm.

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5. Enjoy a Cars and Coffee morning

If you’re a fan of cars and a good coffee then this meet is essential for you. Join a bunch of car enthusiasts for a fun experience at Sidra Parking lot near The Cheesecake factory at Exit 8, every Friday morning from 8:00 to 11:00.


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