Here Are 5 Exciting Activities To Keep You Busy This Weekend In The Capital

Here Are 5 Exciting Activities To Keep You Busy This Weekend In The Capital

The weekend is just a day away and everyone needs a checklist of fun things to do, so you’re in the right place

From a cute dining experience to an A-list artist’s concert, this weekend will defnitely be promising when you take a look at these five activities. Choose which one you like best, or try and do them all!

Happy Weekending!

1. Watch A-list artists in concert

That’s right guys! One of the Middle East’s most loved singers, Russ and an A-list DJ Alan Walker are both coming to perform at the Gamer’s 8 concert this Thursday in Riyadh Bouelvard City. Other artists inlcuding JEED, Disco Misr and even Myriam Faris are coming to wow the crowds. Grab your tickets today and head on over!

2. Let out the weekly stress at Smash Time

Had a tough week? Well this place is THE best spot to let out all the frustration from the week. You can smash your heart away to your heart’s content and won’t have to clean it up! Grab some friends and let the raging begin!

3. Eat some delicious Sushi at Sumosan

If you like to celebrate the weekend with some yummy bites and are a fan of seafood, then head on over to Sumosan for some authentic Japanese food. Not only will you be able to enjoy dining here but also be able to take pictures. So make sure to charge your phone and take some great pics for the gram!

4. Watch the Saudi Pro League

The Saudi Pro Leage is set to begin tomorrow and if you’re a fan of football, then mark your calendar!


5. Go for a nice dip at Heet Caves

This place is one of Riyadh’s best kept secrets for the nature lovers. Located just 30 kilometers south-east of the city, this place has the coolest rock-formations and lake! It’ll just take a little hike downhill, for you to enjoy a dip in the aqua blue waters of the area.

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