Here Are 5 Exciting Places To Watch The FIFA World Cup In Riyadh

Here Are 5 Exciting Places To Watch The FIFA World Cup In Riyadh

Make your football dreams come true with these exciting places that bring together sports and food in the most entertaining way!

The World Cup will officially start tonight, and the excitement is endless! As the teams prepare for their matches, Riyadh is prepping up some awesome places for you and your people to watch the matches. Cheer on your country with some delicious snacks, top-notch meals, and delicious beverages to quench your thirst during halftime. Eat for the win, or even for the loss, at these X places that should definitely be your top picks for the World Cup matches.

5. Enjoy the opening ceremony with yummy bites al Al Masaa Café

This spot is a popular favorite when it comes to football matches, and get ready to see it totally packed for the World Cup.  Grab a quick snack to munch on before the opening ceremony set to take place tonight!

Timing: Open 24 hours


4. Cheer on your team on the big screens at Al Hilal Cafe

This place will be roaring with the most enthusiastic crowd, bunched up near every T.V. Although it’s themed completely blue in support of Riyadh’s Al Hilal Football Club, this is the perfect opportunity to gather with all football enthusiasts, and support the Saudi National team. Make sure to go a little early for a good spot!

Timing: 8am-10pm



3. Calm those football nerves with dessert at Tutti Cafe

This place is also a popular pick when choosing a place to watch football.Their Tutti Mocha with marshmallows are quite famous in the capital, that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Timing: 6am-1:30am (Saturday-Thursday), 12pm-1:30am (Friday)


2. Join fellow footie-fans at the Fan Festival in Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season is going GREAT this year with a bunch of different attractions, and it definitely didn’t leave behind the FIFA fans! The season actually has an entire ZONE dedicated to the matches known as the ‘Fan Festival Zone.’ Aside from the mega screens that your eyes will definitely be glued to, this spot will also host shows, concerts, and bring together the whole footie-loving community!

Timing: Coming Soon


1. Watch in style at the Wadi Lounge at The Groves Riyadh

The Groves are back for another year at Riyadh Season, and bringing all the Football fun! This season, The Groves will be hosting an official viewing of all the FIFA matches at the Wadi World Cup League, welcoming all football fans to a night of fine-dining. The Groves officially opened on November 17, and you can find out more about the Football Lounge here.

Timings: 4:30pm-12:30am daily


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