Here Are 5 Exciting Things To Do This August In Riyadh

Here Are 5 Exciting Things To Do This August In Riyadh

The last month of summer vacation has officially started so you HAVE to spend it wisely

Riyadh has had quite the rollercoaster of events in the past year with Riyadh Season Boulevard, Riyadh’s Winter Wonderland, and not to mention the endless A-list concerts. Scroll down below for a checklist of activities to enjoy this month, to end your summer vacation on a good note. Try and see if you can do all five!

1. Attend the R3HAB, Wizkid, and Dafencii concert on August 4

The Gamers8 festival is going on at the moment, and the lineup is quite exciting. Morroccon DJ R3Hab is set to take stage on August 4 alongside Wizkid and Dafencii. Grab your tickets ASAP and book your calendar for August 4!

2. Channel your inner nerd at a science summer camp

This summer camp, hosted at King Salman Science Oasis, allows kids to experience different aspects of technology, science, math, art and much more up until August 25.

3. Enjoy the Abha Summer Festival until September 24

Abha is hosting the coolest summer festival full of carnivals, games, and exhibitions. The entry ticket costs just 15 SAR and will go on until September 24.

4. Experience Falcon Hunting at the Saudi Falcon Club Exhibition

The Saudi Falcons Club is hosting a exhibition and hunting experience in the city, with the finest collection of local falcons, until August 25. Get more information on the dates and ticket prices here.

5. Get some positive vibes at the Museum of Happiness

The Museum of Happiness is one of Riyadh’s best kept attractions. Enjoy the multi-sensory installations and Instagrammable backgrounds. It’s the perfect opportunity to boost some seratonin and get all the positive vibes to last you the month. Get ticket information here.

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