Here Are 7 Photographers You Need To Follow ASAP For Some Beautiful Pics Of The Kingdom

Hera Shabbir

Saudi Arabia is full of beautiful places definitely worth the capture and these photographers do a phenomenal job at it 👏 From the beautiful valleys in the south, to the vast deserts in the east, each picture tells a different story showcasing the beauty around the Kingdom.

These 7 photographers are just some, of many, that do a phenomenal job at capturing images of Saudi Arabia, and you definitely need to follow them ASAP.

7. Shaheer Ahmed


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Shaheer really knows how to capture the diverse beauty of Saudi Arabia in his images. From the breathtaking views in Rijal Almaa, the tall skyscrapers in Riyadh, to even the hottest cars around the Kingdom, Shaheer is definitely worth the follow to find some amazing pictures worth saving 👏

6. Buthaynah

This photographer is all things majestic when it comes to capturing her pictures. Buthayna’s images take you on a journey towards the majestic side of Saudi Arabia with its beautiful camels and horses, deep blue waters, and limitless skies 😍 This photographer is definitely worth a follow ASAP to save some rare pics of the Kingdom.

5. AK Sidd


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If you live in Riyadh and need some new pics for your wallpaper, AK Sidd is the guy you need to follow. His picture capture the most beautiful and colorful aspects of the streets in Riyadh, which look AMAZING. Witness the concrete jungle light up at night in all of AK’s pictures, definitely letting you see Saudi from a different perspective.

4. Saad Ali


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Saad is a photographer worth following if you’re into the nature scene. This photographer captures the most beautiful pictures of the skies in Saudi Arabia, surrounded by the city lights in Riyadh 🙌 When he’s not busy taking beautiful pictures of the cities in the Kingdom, you’ll find Saad capturing the beauty of the vast deserts in Saudi Arabia.

3. Farooq Photography

This photographer has been in and around almost everywhere in Saudi Arabia. From images of Khobar, Riyadh, Jeddah, Abha, and many other regions in the Kingdom, Farooq takes his followers on a beautiful journey through Saudi Arabia. Make sure to give this photographer a follow, and save the best photo of your city 👏

2. Abdulqader

This local photographer captures the most cinematic images of Saudi Arabia. His pictures are almost all wallpaper-worthy and feature the diverse beauty of Saudi Arabia. Most of his pictures capture the dense clouds and mountains of the Kingdom, something most people aren’t quite familiar with. Abdulqader’s photography really changes your perspective of Saudi Arabia, and rather appreciate all the diversity within the country.

1. HM Dronology


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This photographer is definitely number one when it comes to capturing the beauty of Saudi Arabia. Based in Riyadh, this photographer uses drones to capture the large-scale beauty of the buildings in the capital. You can fly through Kingdom tower or save some beautiful firework pics in Riyadh, HM Dronology is definitely an account you’d want on your insta-feed. 👏


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