Here Are A Dozen Trusted Organizations You Can Send Turkey And Syria’s Earthquake Relief Donations To

Hera Shabbir

Thousands are left homeless in freezing temperatures as homes and villages collapsed after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria.

Search and rescue teams from all over the world rushed to both countries to save and assist those affected by the quakes. The death toll has reportedly reached 16,000 and people NEED your help.

The Kingdom has already sent out air strips of assistance to both countries 👏

Here are a few links of trusted organizations to donate from Saudi Arabia

  1. Save The Children Syria
  2. Save The Children Turkey
  3. The White Helmets
  5. Direct Relief
  6. International Medical Corps
  7. Humanity & Inclusion
  8. World Vision
  9. World Food Program
  10. UNHCR
  11. Molham Team
  12. Sahem Platform

KS Relief is one of the biggest donation organizations in the Kingdom and has already sent a cargo plane of supplies


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