Here Are All The Exciting Gergaean Events Happening In Riyadh

Hera Shabbir

The month of Ramadan means many different celebrations for Muslims around the world. For people in the Gulf, Gergean preparations are a significant part of the Holy Month. Many begin to prepare weeks before the celebrations come about, on the 15th of Ramadan.

This list brings you all the celebrations happening this Gergean in Riyadh, that’ll make each moment extra special 💖

6. Riyadh Front

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This exhibition at the Riyadh Front will be held until the 9th of April, and features many sections and several exciting activities for Gergean, and not to mention their historic folklore section ❤️.

5. Boulevard Riyadh City

Riyadh Boulevard City is hosting one of the biggest Gergean celebrations, and all you have to do is wear your best Gergean outfit and head on over for a night of festivities!

4. Tahlia Street

The Riyadh Municipality organized a very special event that features a BUNCH of fun activities like food stalls, drawing tables, gaming competitions and so much more! Oh, and best part is, you get to try out dishes from all around the world, including Spain, Egypt and China!

3. Ramadan Market at the Mohamadia Boulevard

The Ramadan Market brings a wonderful opportunity for all Saudi fashion designers and artisans to display their Ramadan-inspired work. Bring extra cash if you’re a fan of local businesses and want to buy that perfect Eid outfit! 🌙

2. Alardiyah Event At Digital City

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You can find many local brands displaying their clothes, in addition to multiple cafes and restaurants in a Najd-inspired atmosphere ✨ . This event will be held until the 11th of April.

1. Ramadan in AlAmariyah

This event is still on until the 11th of April and is known to be the first event of its kind!
It’s features over 60 different booths offering a variety of products such as clothing by Saudi designers, perfumes, and much more. If you’re in the mood for a quick bite, you HAVE to check out their food and beverage section!

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