Here Are The Top 5 Countries Where Saudi Residents Are Heading This Long Weekend


With Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day just around the corner, many Saudi travellers are booking their flights to make the most of the long weekend by getting some well-deserved R&R.

While there are many domestic Saudi destinations that are seeing a surge, many are opting to fly out of the country as well. Skyscanner has released the deets on where local travellers are itching to go, and the number one on the list will surprise you. No, it’s not Bahrain!

5. UK

With easy access for Saudi travellers as visa restrictions have eased up of late, it’s no surprise that the UK has broken into the top 5. Whether it’s exploring London’s bustling streets or wandering through the picturesque highlands of Scotland, there’s no shortage of adventures to be had!


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4. UAE

You can just never keep the UAE out of the radar of Saudi travelers. From the glittering skyscrapers of Dubai to the cultural treasures of Abu Dhabi, it’s a playground for travellers seeking both luxury and authenticity without having to travel for more than 2 hours tops in the sky.


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3. Turkey

Cheap flights? Check. Visa on arrival? Double check. Lots of things to do for travelers? Triple check. You could practically just hop onto any flight to any city in Turkey and know that you’re in for some well-deserved R&R.

2. India

This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the large Indian diaspora in Saudi. There are direct flights to multiple destinations in India from all major cities in Saudi, so the colourful wonders of India are within reach without any layover.


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1. Egypt

Drumroll, please! Taking the crown as the top destination for Saudi residents this Founding Day is none other than Egypt. From the ancient wonders of the pyramids to the sun-kissed beaches of the Red Sea, the numero uno country on the list is calling.


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