Here’s A List Of Fun Activities To Do In Sakaka

Here’s A List Of Fun Activities To Do In Sakaka

It’s the weekend and that means trying out new things, changing your environment, and grabbing your best friends. Sakaka is one of those places definitely worth visiting for its numerous unique attractions. If you’re headed to the city this weekend, then make sure to take this list with you 💯.

5. Take some pictures of Za’al Castle

This ancient spot is located in the northwestern area of Sakaka Al-Jawf. The walk between the mountains and castle at night is beautiful 💚

4. Sip on some delicious brew at AM Coffee

Enjoy the breeze of the city hit you as you sip on your warm cup of coffee! Located in the Al Rabwa neighborhood, this cafe actually features a beautiful fountain that you can totally vibe next to.

3. Enjoy the view from Jabal Qara

This spot is quite high up and overlooks Sakaka and creates the perfect winter atmosphere 🤩. There’s even cute little food trucks to enjoy while your taking in the view 🙌.

2. Have a delicious breakfast at Full Stop Coffee

If you like to get up early to a beautiful atmosphere and good food, then this spot is definitely worth stopping over during your trip.

1. End the night with an exquisite dinner at Hollow Restaurant

This restaurant brings you delicious Lebanese dishes, with an awesome selection of drinks and desserts. This place will definitely have you coming back for more 🙌.

Make sure to enjoy your stay and tag #lovinriyadh on all your adventures! 🙌 ❤️

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