Here’s A List Of Saudi’s Best Cloud Kitchens You Need To Check Out ASAP

Hera Shabbir

Ever heard of cloud restaurants or cloud cafes? Well, they’ve become quite the hot topic lately and have officially made this way to Riyadh. A cloud kitchen is basically a restaurant that consists of delivery only. This reduces pressures for decor, rent, and inventory cost usually necessary in most restaurants. Cloud kitchens create room for all small-business owners to launch their unique restos, at a small cost! So, grab this list of cloud kitchens in Saudi Arabia, and get in on the trend 🤩


If you’re a fan of bread, then add this restaurant to your favorites because Hybread is all things bread. It specializes in breakfast, sandwiches, and other delicious snacks you need to check out ASAP.

Qameen Bakery


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This spot is famous for its desserts, and delivery these moments of true happiness right to your doorstep.



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You can have the freshest ingredients delivered right to your doorstep thanks to this place! Serving all things healthy, Frsh has the yummiest options of salads, sandwiches, and more. The next time you’re feeling like a healthy menu is too difficult to make at home, order your favorite superfood dishes from this spot!

Joby Burger


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If you’re over the whole McDonald’s and Hardee’s burger hype and want to try something different, try out this place. Joby features a yummy selection of burgers that really will make you feel ‘love at first bite.’



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Keep this restaurant saved for those Taco Tuesdays!This delicious spot is perfect to order from when you’re at home with the squad, and are really feeling an impromptu taco night!


Looking for an oriental twist? Order up Baitdonya ASAP because this spot offers the best oriental food, sandwiches, and even some different types of chicken! 🙌

Everyday Roastery


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This place is actually the first cloud cafe in Saudi Arabia, and can deliver all your favorite caffeine infused drinks right to you! The next time you wake up late for work, order from this cloud kitchen to save you time to get ready!

Pasta Boutique

If you’re a fan of pasta then this place should definitely be on your list. There are just some days where you feel like cuddling in bed, putting on a Netflix show, and munching on some delicious Penne. Pasta Boutique is perfect for that! 😋


Attention all chicken lovers! This spot is definitely for you because Scoheat knows how to whip up a mouth-watering chicken burger accompanied with delicious fries!


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