Here’s All That You Need To Know Before Heading Out To Noor Riyadh


Winter in Riyadh just got a whole lot brighter with the return of Noor Riyadh 2023, the city’s dazzling light festival. Running under the theme of “The Bright Side
Of the Desert Moon” until December 16, the festival is illuminating the capital with a spectacular display of light and art.

While iconic landmarks like the Kingdom Centre, Digital City, and Faisaliyah Tower join the radiant festivities, the real magic unfolds in the five main zones: Wadi Hanifah, Wadi Namar, KAFD Riyadh, Salam Park, and JAX Diriyah.


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But if you’re to pick only one of these zones to visit, then let it be Salam Park, as the installations here are absolutely incredible.


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But the festival isn’t just about art and light installations in these zones; there’s a lot more at play here, including workshops, talks, and an exhibition that features the works of over 30 artists.

The exhibition runs through March 2, 2024, long after Noor Riyadh ends this month. Since there is so much to see, you can probably save a visit to the place for later once you’ve covered all the zones before December 15th, hopefully.


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