Here’s An Inside Look Into Ronaldo’s Current Fancy Abode In Riyadh

Hera Shabbir

It’s just been around a week since Ronaldo made his debut in Riyadh, and fans are totally freaking out. His Al Nassr presentation welcomed hundreds of thousands of fans that were eager to see the international football sensation in yellow.

Ronaldo is currently staying at a fancy suite at Kingdom Tower

Before you guys flock up to visit this superstar, he has quite the entourage  that takes up a total of 17 rooms occupied by his security, family, and friends.

The new Al Nassr player is booked in the suite for around a month which has the most spectacular view of Riyadh

The 99-story building has the most amazing view of the capital, and Ronaldo is enjoying every second of it. The suite itself it a two-story abode that has the most gorgeous interiors! According to the Daily Mail, the total bill for Ronaldo’s stay will surpass £250,000!


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