Here’s The Story Behind How A 15-Year-Old Saudi Boy Managed To Land A Role In A Hollywood Film 


Social media has been buzzing with the news that 15-year-old Omar Al-Atwihas managed to land a role in British director Rupert Wyatt’s upcoming film Desert Warrior.

Just an FYI, Rupert Wyatt is the director of the Hollywood blockbuster Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

In terms of how Omar got the part, the film was primarily shot in the deserts around Tabuk and NEOM.

Omar has been comfortable with camels since he was seven years old, and has even competed in camel races. This piqued Wyatt’s interest and voila he landed the role in the film.

Desert Warrior is an action-packed epic film set in Arabia in the seventh century. The film stars Anthony Mackie, Aiysha Hart and Sir Ben Kingsley. Can’t wait!


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