Iggy Azalea Cut Her Saudi Concert Short After Her Clothes Accidentally Ripped On Stage

Hera Shabbir

Iggy Azalea performed in Riyadh last night at the Gamers8 festival going on in the capital, but unfortunately wasn’t able to finish. The singer noticed that her pants had ripped open mid-performance at the Riyadh City Boulevard venue this past Friday.

Authorities had requested Azalea to leave the stage and end the concert

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Iggy was performing her hit ‘Woman’s World’ on stage, but as she sat down the cloth on her left leg accidentally ripped open. She had sat on stage for a while before being directed by authorities to end the concert.

Azalea also tweeted that all officials and authorities were very respectful about the incident

Iggy also posted images and videos the incident on her Instagram: “not what I intended for the show”, which has now been removed. However, her fans had re-shared videos of the incident applauding the rapper for being respectful during the wardrobe malfunction. She also later shared on X: “I’ll be honest I wanted to wear latex to Brazil but after what happened to my pants tonight I’m not so sure lmaoo.”

Saudi is a country run strictly on Islamic law, prompting Iggy to respectfully leave the stage after her wardrobe malfunction

Fans still supported the rapper and showed support for her next show in the Kingdom!


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