It’s Saudi Flag Day! 5 Fascinating Facts About The Kingdom’s Iconic Flag

Hera Shabbir

Today marks not only the first day of Ramadan 2024, but also the official Flag Day of Saudi Arabia! This day honors the green and white identity of the Kingdom, and the date has quite some historical significance. Scroll down below to get 5 interesting facts about the nation’s flag as you wave yours to celebrate this special day!

5. The flag has been re-imagined four times over history, with the original two versions featuring a stripe

The flag originally featured a stripe on the right side of the flag, during the years 1932 to 1938. It also featured a more curved sword on the bottom which is straighter in the recent flag.

4. The date, March 11, marks when King Abdulaziz Al Saud first approved the flag for the Kingdom

The original founder of Saudi Arabia, late King Abdulaziz Al Saud actually approved the Saudi Flag on March 11, 1937.

3. It’s the only flag in the world to have an inscription as its central design

The Saudi flag is actually known to be one of a kind for its central text that reads: “There is no deity but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God” Due to the flag featuring a religiously significant text, Saudis and Muslims around the world respect the flag, always keeping it above ground. 

2. The text reads the same on the front and back side!

The Kingdom has managed to make the flag in a way that no matter what side you’re looking at it, the holy text in the middle reads the same!

1. The Kingdom never lowers it’s flag to half-mast 

Out of respect for the holy text written on the flag, Saudi Arabia actually never lowers its flag to half-mast, even during a mourning period.


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