Ivanka Trump Praises Saudi For The Latest Gender Equality Reforms


The Global Gender Forum is taking place in Dubai and Ivanka Trump, advisor to the POTUS was the keynote speaker.

Her keynote address was attended by the Ruler and Crown Prince of Dubai and in it, she praised the region for its efforts in improving gender equality, noting recent changes made to Saudi laws that allow for freer movement of females.

She also commended the UAE, Morocco, Jordan and Bahrain, while adding that it’s not a time to get complacent as there’s more work to be done.

“Major legal reforms have been made by governments in the Middle East this past year advancing gender equality.”

“There’s room for improvement”

David Malpass, president of the World Bank Group also commended Saudi for its latest reforms.

In his speech, he highlighted the great steps taken by the UAE as well as here in the Kindgown where “laws were changed to protect women from employment discrimination and to prohibit employers from dismissing women during pregnancy and maternity leave.”

Both speakers praised Saudi and the region, while noting that there’s still room for improvement.

Main images via IG: @Ivanka Trump


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