Keep This Schedule Handy To Enjoy All National Day Fireworks Around Saudi


Keep This Schedule Handy To Enjoy All National Day Fireworks Around Saudi

Get ready for all the excitement butterflies in your tummy because Saudi’s skies are about to sparkle! You can’t miss out on this year’s National Day fireworks, which will gather your family and friends on September 23rd in full Saudi-spirit!

Be more than ready to enjoy this colorful magic at 9:00 p.m.! The dress code? Decked out in white and green for sure!
No matter what city you’re in, National Day promises you the best fireworks! Scroll down below to check out the exact location for the shows, get planning!!


  • Riyadh

Boulevard Riyadh City (9 pm): the show starts at 8:59 PM so head on over to Boulevard Riyadh City before the clock strikes 9 to join the rest of the capital for beautiful fireworks!



  • Dammam

Northern Khobar Corniche (9 pm): you will get to enjoy the show twice in this area! Head on over at sunset around 6:00 pm then again at 9:00 pm with its light reflecting right on the beautiful waters! Your eyes will definitely sparkle with joy for this one!


  • Al-Ahsa

Park Lake (9 pm): Al-Ahsa is famous for its yummy sour lime, but what has this got to do with National Day? Well, for a fun twist, you can actually bring a lime drink to make the celebrations extra fun! The Show starts at 9 pm at Park Lake in this city!



  • Jeddah

Promenade (9 pm): Prepare an outfit full of green a day before, cause this city is partying hard! Like other places, the show starts at 9 pm so Be Ready!


  • Medinah

King Fahad Main Park (9 pm): Imagine you’re just casually enjoying a picnic with your family and then a beautiful fireworks show up out of nowhere! This is what the vibe will look like in King Fahd Main Park in Medina for National Day.


  • Taif

King Abdullah’s Public Park (9 pm): you should come early, and enjoy all the uncountable activities of this park, only to end the day with a great view of fireworks!


  • Abha

Al Sadd Garden – Alfan Street (9 pm): Great weather, fascinating nature, and shiny fireworks all over the sky, this show will definitely be insta-worthy!


  • Buraydah

King Abdullah’s National Park (9 pm): Here is the plan

1: Collect a bunch of fine Dates.

2: enjoy the amazing fireworks with the crowd.

3: Get more Dates, because you couldn’t resist that sweet goodness and ate them all already!


  • Hail

Alsalam Park (9 pm): you should not only be ready for fireworks, but also make sure to pack more clothes, because Hail’s generous people will invite you to their houses nonstop, And their homemade food? Delicious!


  • Al-baha

Prince Husam’s Park (9 pm): This quiet city will no longer be quiet on the special day, as everyone will definitely stay out, eager for the fireworks at 9 pm!

  • Arar

Water Tower (9 pm): Watching fireworks with the Water Tower of Arar -which definitely needs no introduction- joyful experience is in front of you for sure!


  • Skaka

Al-Jouf’s Rose (9 pm): this amazing location makes you not only wanna enjoy the fireworks, but to stay till the morning just to sneak a look at the mountains accompanied by an amazing sunrise behind, it’ll definitely be better than every painting you ever saw.


  • Jazan

Cornish walk street (9 pm): Did you know that there is a sea in Jazan? Beach areas are always full of noise, but you are the kind of person who loves to enjoy it more calmly, this place is it!


  • Najran

University District Housing Park (9 pm): make sure to enjoy the rest of this city after the fireworks, it’s full of welcoming people, great nature, and historical art! This spot is perfect to road-trip to during the holiday!


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