Key Holder Of The Holy Kaaba Unfortunately Passed Away Yesterday

Hera Shabbir

Sheikh Saleh Al Shaibi, the chief key holder and caretaker of the Kaaba, unfortunately passed away on Saturday, June 22, after a long illness.

Sheikh Salah was the 109th successor in a lineage spanning centuries

The lineage that began with Uthman bin Talha, a companion of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Sheikh Saleh Al Shaibi was the 77th member of his family to uphold the tradition. His burial took place at Al Mu’alla Cemetery in Makkah.

The key holder’s responsibilities include overseeing the Kaaba’s maintenance, repairing of Kiswa, and managing all related tasks

An esteemed scholar, Al Shaibi earned a doctorate in Islamic studies and authored several books on religion and history, making substantial contributions to the spiritual and academic community.

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