Make Sure To Visit These Places In Riyadh Season Before They Close!

Hera Shabbir

After breaking several Guinness World Records, Riyadh Season has thousands of people flocking to visit its amazing attractions. Some however will soon be closing, but there’s still some time left! Grab some tickets, grab some friends, and head on over to these awesome attractions before they close for good!

4. Al Murabaa

The Murabba area features the finest collection of restaurants you have to check out. Enjoy the views of the surrounding garden with Riyadh’s beautiful weather to have the best dining experience in the capital.

3. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is coming to an end soon guys, but you got 10 days to enjoy all the games and rides there! Make sure to grab the special hot chocolate 😋

2. Riyadh Zoo

Riyadh Zoo will bid farewell to everyone on January 8, so grab a slot to visit the beautiful animals at Riyadh Zoo. You can feed some lions, monkeys, tigers, and pose next to the cutest fluffy animals. Make sure you go in the day to get the best view 😉


1. Fan Festival

The FIFA World Cup matches have really been brought to life thanks to this fan zone Riyadh. The iconic spot will be coming to a close on December 18, after the final matches. So make sure you get a seat to get in on the whole World Cup experience, and cheer on your team🙌

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