Make The Most Of The Outdoors With These 5 Horse-Riding Spots In The City

Hera Shabbir

Before the weather warms up , take some time to ride through a beautiful sunset with these top 5 spots in the city

Famous to the Kingdom, these four-legged majestic beings create a breathtaking experience. Sign up for horse-riding at these spots as a beginner , or even like a full on Red Dead Redemption character.

1. Riyadh Stables


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These stables are the most famous in the city. Trainers at this spot offer lessons to kids up to 4 years of age, and adults of all ages. The horses are all well-fed, beautifully groomed, and is home to many riding competition and indoor events.
Mon-Thu 9am-noon, 3pm-9pm. Fri-Sat 8am-noon 3pm-9pm. Closed Sun. Ash-Sharq 13635, Riyadh

2. Al Aghar Club

Challenge yourself at this place with its famous five round jumping one. Start off with 40cm, to 60cm and eventually become a pro at the one meter jump. This place is the perfect hub for friends to get to gather with its amazing ambiance.
Sat-Thu 8am-11.30am, 4pm-8pm. Fri 4pm-8pm. Al-Safarat, Riyadh

3. Al Areen Equestrian Club

This club offers a treat for the little ones with ponies and the cutest horse farm. Professional trainers can hepl you and your little ones ride through the sunset. This place also hosts several competitions.
 Mon-Sat 5pm-midnight. Closed Sun. Al Janadriyah Road, Al Jenadriyah District,Riyadh

4. Caballo Equestrian Club

This club showcases numerous different horse breeds including English,, Middle Eastern, and Arabian horses. This place offers private horse-riding lessons in case you’re too shy to ride in public.
Daily 5pm-10pm. Ash-Sharq, Riyadh

5. Al Kahela Equestrian Club

This lovely club also offers many different classes, and actually teaches you how to do archery while horse riding, full Ertugul style. This place is the spot for you if you’re looking for a unique experience
Daily 4pm-9pm. Ash Sharq, Riyadh 


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