Make The Most Of Your Summer With These 5 Popular Ice Cream Spots In Riyadh

Make The Most Of Your Summer With These 5 Popular Ice Cream Spots In Riyadh

Beat the heat with some cool refreshing ice cream in the city with these top 5 picks for you


Riyadh gets really hot this time around, and temperatures are expected to reach up to 47 degrees celcius this week. So, grab some friends and head on to these top spots for yummy ice cream and the perfect cooldown.

1. Nine Soft Serve

If you’re into health, then this spot has the most DELICIOUS organic watermelon ice cream, served inside a watermelon. It even has a coconut flavored delight that’s also served inside a coconut shell. Grab the cameras for this spot.

2. Cereal Protocol

Fan of fruity flavored ice creams? Then you HAVE to visit this spot with the yummiest watermelon and mango cone, that just look so satisfying.You can even mix flavors together and add CEREAL. Yes, cereal that will give the most unique moment to your taste buds.

3. Ice Cream Village

This spot is a local favorite where you can mix amazing flavors. From mango, tiramisu, and even lychee this spot serves you a scoop on the cutest little waffle.

4. Etna Artisan Gelato

This place has over 60 unique flavors to chose from, with the COOLEST selection. They even have a cactus fruit sorbet and serve the most Instagrammable cups.

5. Godiva

Godiva has always been known as the chocolate KING, and they have the softest ice cream. If you’re not into trying something new, head on over to the popular chocolate hub, and dive in.


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