Makkah’s Pilgrims Struggled To Face Strong Gusts Of Wind Last Night

Hera Shabbir

Videos have been circulating about the horrifying storm that randomly broke out in Makkah last night.

People posted videos of pilgrims struggling to find their balance against the strong gusts of winds.

Heavy objects and clothing was seen flying around outside the Grand Mosque, to which people struggled to get to shelter. The ministry placed the city on red alert until 11pm, to wait until the storm passes. The storm was a mixture of heavy rains, winds, and dust that compromised safety and visibility for pilgrims in the holy city.

Someone even captured lightening striking the Makkah Clock Tower multiple times…

People around the Holy Kaaba ran to find shelter immediately after the strong gusts of winds started

Areas surrounding the holy mosque also began flooding due to the heavy rainfall.

According to recent weather reports, Makkah has clear skies for the rest of the week.


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