Messi And Inter Miami Faced A Thrilling 4-3 Defeat Against Saudi’s Al Hilal FC At The Riyadh Season Cup

Hera Shabbir

Hundreds witnessed an intense match yesterday between Messi’s current team, Inter Miami CF and Saudi’s very own Al Hilal. The match inaugurated the Riyadh Season Cup which is currently happening at Kingdom Arena from January 29 until February 01. Although the match initially started as a head-to-head tie of 3-3, with one goal being scored by Messi himself, Al Hilal’s iconic goal lead the blues to the win.

Messi first scored during the second-half penalty

During the 54th minute of the game, Messi made a clean penalty shot leading the team to achieve their third goal. Al Hilal’s Aleksandar Mitrovic scored the opening goal, giving the Saudi Arabian team the lead just 10 minutes in! Then not to shortly after that, Abdullah Al-Hamdan added to that with another goal. Luis Suarez then brought Inter Miami higher, scoring his first goal in the 34th minute. But that was followed by a44th-minute goal by Al-Hilal’s Michael.

The final winning score was done by Malcom, during the 88th minute, leading the blues to the win

The Riyadh Season cup will also welcome an iconic match: The Last Dance, between Messi and Ronaldo, in an epic Inter Miami v Al Nassr showdown. The match will take place at Kingdom Arena, on February 1, 2024. Grab your tickets here for the iconic match, so you don’t miss out!


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