Mysterious Stones That Have Been Discovered In Saudi Arabia Are Even Older Than The Pyramids


Thousands of monumental structures built from walls of rock in Saudi Arabia have been discovered and they just might some of the oldest ones ever identified.

They are even older than Egypt’s pyramids and the ancient stone circles of Britain according to researchers

A study published shows that the mysterious structures dotted around the desert in northwestern (around AlUla) are about 7,000 years old.

via AAKSA and Royal Commission for AIU

That’s much older than expected, and about 2,000 years older than either Stonehenge in England or the oldest Egyptian pyramid.

They are being called “mustatils” (Arabic for “rectangle”).

The research is funded by the Royal Commission for AlUla, which has been established by the government of Saudi Arabia to preserve the heritage of the AlUla region in the northwest of the country, where many mustatils are found.


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