Neom Announced A New Iconic Project Featuring Three Sustainable Hotels

Hera Shabbir

NEOM has done it yet again with another futuristic project that is set to wow the masses. Besides their multi-million mega-projects of Oxagon, Trojena, and The Line, the region now welcomes three sustainable hotels known as Leyja.

Leyja will be surrounded by mountains standing around four hundred meters tall!

NEOM posted this video of their upcoming stunning destination, which will be quite literally ‘carved into towering mountains,’ as stated on their official page. The three buildings will be far from ordinary and actually plan to be ninety per cent sustainable!

The hotels will also feature 120 rooms, infinity pools, fine-dining, and facilities for hiking and biking!

Leyja is taking full advantage of its surrounding beauty, and will facilitate activities for all the adventure lovers. Aside from their totally luxurious retreats, the project aims to help NEOM in becoming a multifaceted destination.

Everything about this project is stunning!

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