OMG! There’s Another Rock In Saudi With A Laser-Like Cut Right Through It


There’s a rock in Saudi Arabia that’s a geological marvel with a laser-like cut right through its center. Our little secret here in Saudi has become pretty famous thanks to social media and photos of it keep surfacing online.

But there’s also another, which you can call a lesser-known cousin of it, that’s also got a laser-like cut through it. This, however, let alone people outside, even Saudis don’t know about this.

You can credit us for making it famous if it does become famous. Fingers crossed!

Photo Credit: Hardly Mohed/GM

The rock is known as the Split Rock of Horeb, and it is this rock that some believe Prophet Moses hit with his staff, causing twelve springs to gush forth.

Here are the coordinates of the rock if we’ve piqued your interest: 28.72661784527574, 35.23605375901929


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