9 #OnlyInRiyadh Tweets That Every Riyadhi Will Relate To

9 #OnlyInRiyadh Tweets That Every Riyadhi Will Relate To

In an age where TIkTok rules supreme, there are still reasons why people continue to hold on to good ‘ole Twitter apart from the politics of course. Riyadhis on Twitter have got quite the sense of humour and these #OnlyInRiyadh tweets prove just that.

Riyadh’s weather has got some serious fluctuations.

Just one of the many mysteries of the place.

Anything, less than 40 is the ideal temperature for us.

Four seasons in a day – been there, done that!

Yup, the slightest sign of rain calls for a vacay for all.

Those camels need to travel too, right?

Every time. EVERY single time.

Kind of enjoying doing this nowadays.

For the last time – no world it’s not a UFO!

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