Over 2.5 Million Worshippers Prayed At Makkah’s Grand Mosque On 29th Night Of Ramadan

Hera Shabbir

Yesterday marked the second-last night of evening Ramadan prayers for this year, as millions of Muslims gathered at the Grand Mosque. People were seen gathering in and outside the mataf to get a spot in line for prayer.

Videos were circulating of people lined up outside the Mosque

The prayers were lead by Sheikh Sudais

People were seen enjoying a heartwarming prayer lead by Sheikh Sudais as he completed the Holy Quran during the night (Taraweeh) prayers at the Grand Mosque. Each Ramadan, the Imams in Makkah often read the Holy Quran throughout the night prayers in the Holy Month, which come to completion towards the end of the month.

The Saudi Press Agency also released these aerial photos of the masses


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