Pakistani Scientist Among First To Be Granted Saudi Citizenship

Hera Shabbir

Saudi Arabia recently announced that it would be granting citizenship to talented foreigners, and has already got to it! The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 aims to attract top global talent to boost its economic and social development, opening citizenship to highly skilled professionals. A royal decree issued back in November 2021 invited experts in science, medicine, culture, sports, and technology to apply for citizenship, which just got granted!

Pakistani scientist Dr. Mehmood Khan is one of the high achievers awarded Saudi citizenship

His impressive career includes roles like Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of Global R&D at PepsiCo, and President of the Global R&D Center at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Currently, Khan is the CEO of Hevolution Foundation, a nonprofit in Riyadh that funds research and invests in biotechnology to advance health sciences. He also led the Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Nutrition Trials Unit at the Mayo Clinic.

Other recipients include professionals from Lebanon, Sudan, India, Egypt and more!

Although Dr. Mahmood is making headlines in both Pakistani and Saudi news, other professionals have also been granted their approval for the Saudi Passport! Officials include CEO of Argaam: Islam Zween (Egypt), founding member of KAUST: Niveen Khashab (Lebanon), CEO of Noon: Faraz Khalid (India), Chief Pediatric Neurosurgery at King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital: Dr. Moutassem Azzubi (Syria), CEO of Rami Al-Qawasni (Jordan), and partner at BIM Ventures: Ahmed Mirghani (Sudan). 

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