People Are Applauding Mishaal Tamer’s Reaction To Celebratory Alcohol At A One-Republic Concert

Hera Shabbir

Mishaal Tamer is known to be Saudi’s biggest most aspiring pop-star that is making headlines globally! His success is celebrated both in the Kingdom and in the west, with exciting concerts headlining with One Republic, rocking the stage at MDL Beast Soundstorm, and lighting up the billboards at NYC’s Time Square, this pop-star is getting famous. However, Mishaal recently caught everyone’s attention for an honorable act of his reaction to being offered alcohol.

Mishaal respectfully turned down the offer and opted to some tea to ‘cheers’ with the team

@mishaaltamer 🤍 #newmusic #tiktokarab #arabtiktok #newartist #onerepublic ♬ original sound – مشعل تمر | Mishaal Tamer

His honorable reaction got a bunch of love and heartfelt reactions from his fans.

The comments say it all 🥺

Mishaal is actually the first Saudi-pop star to sign a record deal in the U.S., where he released his debut EP, “Life’s a Ride,”. He’s actually touring Europe as the opening act for OneRepublic!


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