People Are Calling This Driver A Hero For Saving A Child From An Oncoming Car


In the quaint town of Al-Kharj, a child was jaywalking down a busy street. Then, in a heart-pounding moment caught on video and widely shared across Saudi Arabian media, a driver intervened to prevent a speeding vehicle that was behind him from hitting a child.

His quick thinking and bravery have been praised as nothing short of amazing and heroic by activists on social media.

The video captures Abdullah Al-Anzi, who’s behind the wheel in his car, spots a child walking down the street. Just about then, he notices another car speeding, heading straight into the child’s path. Without a moment’s hesitation, Abdullah takes action, manoeuvring his car to intercept the speeding vehicle and shield the child from harm.

Despite the damage to both cars and the subsequent repair bill of 5,000 riyals requested by the other driver, the overwhelming response on social media has been one of admiration for Al-Anzi’s courageous and selfless act.

People are even going so far as to say that Al-Anzi should be gifted a new car!


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