People Are Losing It Over KSI And Logan Paul’s Prime Drink Prices In Saudi!


KSI and Logan Paul have been using their huge social media popularity to promote their Prime range of drinks. These drinks often come with availability issues, and videos have emerged from some countries like the UK where epic queues, grappling matches, and even headfirst dives into the drink-filled aisle were caught on camera.
And as if that wasn’t enough, a thriving reselling market has sprung up, with people clamoring to get their hands on these coveted beverages.

Anyway, the drink has finally made its way to Saudi Arabia, but the prices are what are making everyone gape.

A Reddit user shared a photo from a supermarket in Saudi showing a can of the ‘energy’ variant of Prime selling for SR 65. Cue the collective gasps of astonishment from Saudi Redditors.

الأسر المنتجه سوت مشروب:
by u/Super-the-cuber in saudiarabia

Redditors were clearly not impressed.

by u/eklarka from discussion الأسر المنتجه سوت مشروب:
in saudiarabia

It’s unclear whether this is the standard pricing that will stick with Prime going forward.

by u/m53dn from discussion الأسر المنتجه سوت مشروب:
in saudiarabia

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