People Are Totally Obsessed With Viral Videos About Saudi’s Safe Community

Hera Shabbir

Almost every time someone visits the Kingdom, they are absolutely taken by the kind and loving community.Saudis are known to have the most hospitable and kind  people that make living in the country a memorable experience. These videos are just a few examples of how the Saudi community is incredibly considerate about other people’s belongings, safety, and well-being.

This video a TikToker posted about leaving their belongings in a grocery store resonated with many!

@iamnotyourhabibi Sometimes I forget where did i leave my phone 😅 #saudiarabia#riyadh#jeddah#dammam ♬ Makeba – Jain

People in the comments were utterly grateful about the safety in the Kingdom. Some even mentioned that they’re able to leave their children parked in strollers while running errands in the store, and will find them right there when they return!

People will also eave their belongings around while hitting the gym


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People walking around a gold souk at night is just a casual thing in the country

Another TikToker posted about how ladies actually go to the Saudi Gold Souk at night and walk around by themselves, totally decked out in jewelry. Nothing stops these ladies from wearing their gold all around the country, because no one’s going to bother them about it.

Ladies also feel super safe no matter what the time is at night and people love that for them!

@bydashah Do u agree with me ? 😍🇸🇦#ksa#saudiarabia #riyadh ♬ Woo × I Was Never – Slowed Reverb – Ishu Music

A lot of women have posted videos of themselves going for a run or walk at night with full confidence. Because the Saudi community is a fan of socializing and family-time, you can actually find people sitting in the parks at 3 am, walking around the city, and enjoying during all hours.

Comments on the videos show that everyone is grateful for Saudi’s safe community

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