Perfect Your Health And Wealth At This Upcoming Wellbeing Summit You NEED To Sign Up For

Hera Shabbir

Nothing is more important than having a healthy work environment and employers. Assessing the work-environment’s impact on your wellbeing is essential for you to enjoy your job. This upcoming summit is here to perfect and assess your work journey, with the finest selection of workplace professionals, and you need to sign up NOW.

The Wellbeing At Work Summit Middle East 2023 is coming to Riyadh next month and you HAVE to go!


Wellbeing at Work empowers organisations to make your wellbeing a strategic priority through community, connection & knowledge. With the finest selection of a purpose-driven and passionate team, these professionals will definitely empower you prioritise and enhance your wellbeing at work.


Here’s your chance to connect and learn from leading employers! 👀


This summit gives you the opportunity to meet peers from leading employer brands. You’ll also get to first-handedly learn from leading companies across the region, access cutting edge data and insights on Wellbeing at Work. If you’re going in person, they’re even offering some delicious food and drinks to keep you going!

You can join in-person or enjoy it right at home virtually!


The Summit opens in person in Riyadh on February 21st, followed by a virtual summit on February 22. So this event is quite literally for everyone! Don’t even worry if you missed it because the summit is headed to Dubai on 23 February for a 3-day-open! 

Best part is, you get a discount with Lovin!

That’s right guys, you get to enjoy all the perks of this summit at a discount. All you have to do is use the code LOVIN20 to save 20% on tickets purchased via the website.


LovinRiyadh is an official sponsor of this awesome event 🙌


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