Pics Of The AlUla Train Are Out And It Looks SUPER Futuristic

Hera Shabbir

Everyone’s been excited since these pictures of AlUla’s train were released on Twitter which looks SUPER cool and futurisitc

This train is part of the ‘Journey Through Time’ project of AlUla that will take visitors through a tour of history, art, heritage, and culture in the area. The train itself will operate around the city, carrying travelers to different neighborhoods and tourists sites.

The AlUla train will operate through sustainable energy and will extend to 50 kilometers

The routes will divide into three different destinations. The northern ‘red’ line will connect to the significant tourist and archeoligical destinations of the site, also known as the ‘Journey Through Time.’ The second line will span out to the southern parts of the province, while the third will span a total of 33 kilometers until the international airport. Everyone in the comments is SUPER excited for this project to complete, and watch AlUla transform into a popular tourist destination.



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