Pictures That Prove Saudi Has The Most Diverse Views You’d Typically Find Around The World

Hera Shabbir

Saudi definitely doesn’t fall short when it comes to beautiful views around its numerous cities. From the shining waters of Jeddah’s Red Sea, the grand valleys of AlUla, to the gorgeous flowery region of Taif, the country really is a Kingdom of wonders.

Someone on TikTok recently posted pictures that exhibit exactly how diverse and gorgeous the views are of Saudi Arabia, in both the urban and rural scene. Scroll down below to check it out.

These pictures showcase Saudi’s gorgeous city scene

These views show pictures of AlUla’s pretty sights, and Riyadh’s iconic buildings in the city. KAFD is known to be the capital’s most famous concrete jungle with futuristic architecture.

This collection shows how Saudi is both a beachy and snowy place

The beachy views that thousands travel to Greece for can actually be found right here in the Kingdom. With the famous Red Sea resorts taking shape, it’s only normal that all tourists in the region will now flock to Saudi Arabia. Contrary to popular belief, Saudi is actually home to snowy seasons too, especially in Tabuk.

AlUla is definitely no lesser than Spain!

These pictures are showcasing the more natural side of the Kingdom which reside in parts of AlUla and Abha. The gorgeous purple flowers actually bloom in the city of Saudi in the year, where thousands of locals from Saudi and the GCC flock to! AlUla has also hosted numerous festivals that light up the beautiful rock formations of the city.

All in all, Saudi definitely doesn’t fall short when it comes to a memorable visit with diverse views 


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