Ramadan Giving: 5 Charity Organizations To Keep Note Of In Saudi Arabia

Hera Shabbir

Ramadan isn’t just about fasting and feasting; it’s also about giving back with an extra dose of heart. Whether it’s sharing a meal with a neighbor or donating to those in need, the spirit of generosity is contagious. It’s a time to spread joy, kindness, and blessings to all, and these charitable organizations in Saudi are a perfect place to start!

5. EKHAA Charitable Foundation for Orphan Care

This organization provides aid and funds to help Orphans get stable. Services include aid for housing, education, jobs, and healthcare.

4. Mawaddah Women’s Charity Association

The Mawaddah organization helps women who have been widowed, divorced, or even misplaced get back on their feet. Donations help in aid with healthcare, job stability, housing, and civil rights.

3. Al Baraka Charitable Society for Social Services

The Barakah organization helps those suffering from disabilities or in need for rehabilitation get stable. Donating to this organization will help with funds for tools, facilities, and employees/specialists necessary for successful rehabilitation.

2. Children With Disability Association

This organization helps the little ones get all the proper help and tools they need to thrive in life! Funds provide children and families with the essential tools like centers, tools, and special needs teachers to make ensure every child in Saudi has a bright future!

1. King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center

KS Relief is one of Saudi’s biggest charity organizations that has raised billions of Riyals for countries around the world. Such include Gaza, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and many more that are in need of urgent aid. Funds help KS Relief facilitate donations of medical aid, shelter, and clothes.


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