Renowned Saudi Doctor Tragically Dies Attempting To Rescue His Son In Swiss Alps

Hera Shabbir

A heartbreaking incident claimed the lives of Dr. Abdullah Al Enazi, a well-known medical researcher, and his two-year-old son during a family trip to Switzerland.

Dr. Al Enazi was the head of the research unit at King Saud bin Abdul Aziz for Health Sciences’ Applied Medical Sciences Faculty and a respected respiratory therapy professor.

He unfortunately died trying to rescue his son who slipped into a waterfall south of the Swiss Alps

His wife and daughter, who witnessed the tragic event, shared the devastating moments. Swiss authorities launched a large search operation, recovering Dr. Al Enazi’s body, while the search for his son continues.

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Fatma Al Enazi, Dr. Al Enazi’s wife, recounted that the day began unexpectedly with her husband insisting on visiting the nearby falls. Despite initial concerns, she ensured the spot was safe for children before they set off.

Tragically, while enjoying the scenery and taking photos, their young son slipped into the water, and Dr. Al Enazi followed in a desperate attempt to save him

Overcome with grief, Fatma and her daughter screamed for help. Amer Al Enazi, Dr. Al Enazi’s brother, mentioned that someone at the scene contacted the Saudi embassy in Switzerland to report the incident. Dr. Al Enazi’s body was eventually brought back home for burial, leaving a deep void in his family and the medical community he dedicated his life to.

May they both rest in peace 


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