Riyadh Air Unveiled Stunning Designer Uniforms For Its Cabin Crew

Hera Shabbir

In a dazzling event following his Haute Couture Week showcase in Paris, Saudi designer Mohammed Ashi, founder of Ashi Studio, revealed the inaugural cabin crew uniforms for Riyadh Air, set to debut in 2025.

The fleet of stunning cabin crew looks walked the runway

Inspired by the golden age of aviation but with a modern twist, Ashi described the collection as more than just uniforms—it’s cabin crew fashion. Tony Douglas, Riyadh Air’s CEO, echoed this sentiment at the grand reveal, emphasizing the luxury and elegance of the new line.

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The looks are all inspired by 1950’s airline glamour!

The collection features timeless cashmere outerwear, elegant dresses, fine wool trousers, custom leather footwear, amethyst earrings, and pillbox hats! These chic uniforms will grace Riyadh Air’s cabin crew, pilots, concierge agents, and airport staff, changing seasonally to maintain a fresh look. Douglas praised Ashi for capturing the essence of commercial aviation’s halcyon days with a modern flair, evoking nostalgia akin to iconic airlines like Pan Am and TWA, and even the stylish allure of the film “Catch Me If You Can”.

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