Riyadh Residents Speak Out: Heavy Traffic Takes Toll On Daily Commute

Hera Shabbir

Riyadh residents face daily congestion in the city’s streets, and have spoken out about the issue. The daily commute has become a grueling ordeal, pushing people back on their schedules, work timings, and even causing exhaustion to get back home.

A video was posted about the traffic jams faced on the daily, to which people commented their thoughts

This video was posted on X, showcasing the daily traffic jams the capital faces. Residents have complained about getting frustrated during their commutes, and call for some action against the daily jams.

Some suggested the Riyadh Metro would be the ideal way out of the congested roads

Although some suggested the Riyadh Metro would be a solution, some suggested that remote work could also be a temporary fix to the issue. A lot of others however stated that a developing city like Riyadh is bound to have traffic jams like this on the daily, and is rather something that can’t be avoided.

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