Riyadh Season Has Drawn More Than 1 Million Visitors In Its First Week


Riyadh Season kicked off its fourth edition on October 28, and guess what? In just the first week, a whopping 1 million people have already visited its various zones, according to the Gulf News. Talk about making waves!

This year’s Riyadh Season is packing a punch with epic shows, like a jaw-dropping face-off between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou that kicked off the festivities. And that’s just the beginning.

The Boulevard World zone is stealing the spotlight, being 40% bigger than last time. The Egyptian pavilion in particular has wowed everyone!

The other new additions to this year’s edition include the Wonder Garden, the Legends Museum, Blvd Pier, and the Disney Castle, to name a few.

By the end of the Riyadh Season, the authorities expect to see somewhere between 10 and 12 million visitors!


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