Riyadhis Can Now Take Part In An Actual Recreation Of A 90s Reality Show That Was Hugely Popular In Saudi


If you lived in Saudi Arabia during the 90s, you’d know how important of a role Channel 1 and 2 played in our lives. A popular show on Channel 2 was a British reality show called the Crystal Maze. Riyadh now has a place where you can get to experience it for real. The show basically revolved around several zones and contestants had to make their way through them by completing a series of tasks earning crystals as they do so.

It’s located near Riyadh Boulevard City.

Four zones on the lines of the original show have been built here namely the Aztec, future, industrial, and medieval.

The whole experience is 90 minutes long.

The best part is that just like the show, a host will accompany the visitors through the different tasks. Remember Richard O’Brien?


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