Riyadh’s Hosting A Massive Open-Air Art Display And Entry Is FREE


Riyadh folks, the city’s much-loved free open-air exhibition is back. It’s the super Tuwaiq Sculpture exhibition, and it’s bigger and better than ever for its fifth year running! This time around, the theme is all about the fast-paced vibes of modern life—they’re calling it Dimensions of Movement.

The best part about this exhibition is that it’s not just about showcasing finished pieces; it’s about letting you in on the action. You can watch these talented artists carve away at blocks of stone, turning them into masterpieces.

While there is work from many international artists on display, it’s pretty amazing to see local artists showcasing their talent at the exhibition.

Fahah Alhajeri’s Breaking the Limits is a major draw here that’s inspired by the country’s rich heritage. Then there is a piece called Riyadh by Mohammad Al-Faris’s that’s a perfect tribute to the city.

If all this talk of creativity has got your own artistic juices flowing, why not get involved? You can meet the artists, join discussions, and maybe even pick up a chisel yourself!

Tuwaiq Sculpture is running until the 24th of February, so don’t miss out on your chance to break the mould and be a part of something truly special! Just make sure you prebook your tickets to the place on the Riyadh Art website. The workshop tickets, unfortunately, are already sold out.


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