Riyadh’s Upcoming Waterpark Will Feature 9 ‘World-Firsts’ And Use Only Recycled Water

Hera Shabbir

Riyadh has been going big and this upcoming waterpark is one of those you’d want to wait for

The park will be featured in Riyadh’s coolest project in Qiddiyah, where Riyadh also recently announced the Six Flags theme park project.

The Waterpark is set to break 9 ‘World-Firsts’ in many different categories to attract tourists worldwide for the unique experiences

Qiddiyah Waterpark will feature 9 different zones, including the Entry Gate, Camel Rock, Dub Grotto, Wave Wadi, the Den, Viper Canyon, Arabian Peak, the Herding Grounds and Surf Lagoon. All these zones are inspired by the different habitats and animals surrounding the area of Qiddiyah.  Riyadh also recently announced the Six Flags theme park project opening in the same location with the world’s fastest roller coaster going at 250km/h.

Water conservation and recycling is also a primary goal for the upcoming park to reduce extensive wastage

Some rides are specifically designed to use 75 per cent less water in comparison to other waterparks. The park will also conserve rainwater and treat it for irrigation in the region. The waterslides and rides will also follow a ‘run out’ system, in which visitors will get to walk across a shallow pool after a thrilling ride, unlike the traditional deeper pools used in other waterparks.


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