Ronaldo Reportedly Wants To Leave Saudi Arabia Within The Next Few Months

Hera Shabbir

The iconic Al Nassr player has been lighting up the field with showcasing his football skills around the Kingdom. Officially known as the highest-paid football player, Ronaldo is now looking to get out of the Kingdom, apparently earlier than his contract allows.

As reported by a Spanish media outlet, Ronaldo might be returning to Real Madrid very soon! 👀

A various number of reasons have been speculated by fans such as living conditions, a better role, and the influence of his partner, Georgina

People are also assuming the decision to leave came about after a number of incidents on the field. Such include inappropriate gestures to fans, and, conflict with the former Al Nassr coach Rudi Garcia. However, nothing has yet been confirmed by the player himself. Ronaldo was offered to play for Al Nassr back in January, for a $214 million a year contract. The media channel, El Nacional, reported that “Florentino Perez has guaranteed that [Ronaldo] will not lack work at the Santiago Bernabeu. But, obviously, he wouldn’t do it to be a player, because he considers that it is a cycle that should be considered closed.”


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