Rumors About The Saudi Team Getting Rolls Royces Were Officially Cleared Today

Hera Shabbir

News about the Saudi national team getting Rolls Royces after their historic win against Argentina turned out to be fake

Rumors were cleared, as team coach Hervé Renard and striker Saleh Alshehri, officially denied any information about the pricy gift. In a media press conference held today, Alshehri was questioned by a reporter about the choice of color for his reportedly gifted Rolls Royce.

Alshehri however, denied the claims and said “We are here to serve our country and do the best, that’s our biggest achievement”

The interview also showed team coach Hervé Renard stating the facts when questioned about the gifted cars: “We have a very serious federation. We have a very serious ministry of sport. It is not time to get something at this moment. We only won a game,” “We still have to get very important games, and we are hoping some more. There is nothing true about this comment. We’ve only played one game at the moment.”


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