Saudi Arabia Extends Warm Hajj Welcome To All Nationalities

Hera Shabbir

Saudi Arabia is embracing diversity like never before as it welcomes pilgrims of all nationalities to the Kingdom for this year’s Hajj season. The hospitality extends beyond mere words, with a heartfelt reception that includes generous gifts, vibrant flowers, the sacred Zam Zam water, and essential kits to prepare pilgrims for their sacred journey.

This warm embrace embodies the spirit of unity and inclusivity, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to ensuring that every pilgrim feels valued and supported throughout their pilgrimage experience!

Pilgrims from Kurdistan had this wholesome reaction to their surprise welcome!

This video of a flight full of pilgrims arriving from Kurdistan has been going viral since majority of them had quite an emotional reaction to the Saudi welcome committee’s warm welcome of gifts and flowers!

Russian pilgrims also landed in the Kingdom a few days ago

Here’s the warm welcome for Egyptian pilgrims that arrived earlier this week!

A flight of Yemeni pilgrims was also received with umbrellas, flowers, and dates!


The Kingdom has already welcomed over 1.2 million Pilgrims so far!

The Hajj Minister announced that over 1.2 million pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom for this Hajj season, with more to come!

Saudi Arabia consistently prioritizes the safety and comfort of Hajj pilgrims, offering state-of-the-art facilities that ensure a smooth and enriching journey.

From meticulously planned transportation systems to modern accommodations and comprehensive healthcare services, Saudi Arabia’s commitment to excellence ensures pilgrims can focus on their spiritual journey with peace of mind and tranquility.

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